Oceanfront Condo, Old Orchard Beach

Spring has sprung!

It’s getting warmer............

We're finally starting to dig out of the snow! Now is the time to start planning your summer vacation! You might want to include a small spring or fall getaway while you're at it. Many of the restaurants and hot spots have already opened for the season - Ken's Seafood, Pier Fries, The Lobster Shack at Two Lights (one of my favorites).

The hardy winter businesses are gearing up too but we really appreciate them being open year round. JJ's Eatery II, Bayley's Seafood in Scarborough, Beach Bagels, The Strike Zone, The Brunswick, The Whaler, The Good Thyme Cafe, Alouette Cafe, Congdon's Doughnuts in Wells, GFB Bar, O'Leary's Taproom. Those famous cinnamon rolls from Ocean Park opened up in OOB year round this past fall. A new place, Hoss and Mary, are rumored to be looking to open again in the area. The Brunswick Restaurant owner bought the Sunset Grill next door so we're excited to see what that will be this summer!

Call or text Wendy to book your getaway 413-824-0012.

Posted: to General News on Sun, Mar 25, 2018
Updated: Sun, Mar 25, 2018